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About Us

NEW FUJIX (SHANGHAI) THREAD LTD. is a Sino-Japan joint venture registered in Qingpu District of Shanghai city in April, 1993, with a total investment of USD 9.80 million, a registered capital of USD 6.90 million, more than 10,000sqm of lands and 190 employees. The main investors include Shanghai Shenda Co., Ltd. China), FUJIX Ltd. and Yagi Tsusho Limited. With a fixed asset of CNY 29 million and offices in Japan, Taiwan and HK, NEW FUJIX (SHANGHAI) THREAD LTD. now is a specialized manufacturer of "Dawang" top-grade sewing threads and embroidery threads, most of them are made of polyester yarns or other materials. Up to now, NEW FUJIX (SHANGHAI) THREAD LTD. has got a lot of honors from governments of China, including "Double-good foreign-investment enterprise of China" in successive
nine years, "Trust management enterprise of Shanghai city", "Spiritual civilization unit Shanghai city" and "model labor home Shanghai city", etc.

NEW FUJIX (SHANGHAI) THREAD LTD. is a domestic enterprise of our company in Shanghai, and we establish offices and firms in a number of places of China such as Beijing, Guangdong, Nanjing, Nantong, Qingdao and Ningbo, etc. In August, 2003, NEW FUJIX (SHANGHAI) THREAD LTD. passed the reversion certification of ISO9001 from SGS; it means we have improved the quality system greatly.

As a specialized manufacturer of sewing threads, we insist to use the leading equipment and select material in very strict criterions. Adopting the leading manufacturing methods from FUJIX Ltd, we are doing our best to produce quality threads, which have successfully certificated to ISO14001environmental management system and ECOTEX 100. At the same time, we are also striving to meet all the requirements of our customers in sewing industry: we are able to produce qualified sewing threads once the latest fabrics are developed. Moreover, we are also an OEM enterprise and are capable of any OPA or processing orders. Therefore, our business is still in a good stage now, with growing profits even when the traditional textile industry is facing a bad situation.


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